3 comments on “The Parable Of Noah’s Ark

  1. So in conclusion is it fair to say the fall of man was due to the fact that man hurried his divine evolution by seeking the secrets of heaven and faith through the physical senses? So then,working on that premise, when an individual attains enlightenment on this early plane of existance, is it false to assume that any knowledge or intuition experienced by the physical form is not true? Or are there limits as to what can be learn before enlightenment and after? And further, before after spiritual enlightenment ie: life and death?

    • At first it definitely looks like that…but to the contrary, the problem with people of the time was that all they know was to worship the Lord ! Now this contrasted with what the Lord wants people who will love for what He is not because they have no alternative…FREEDOM of choice. Remember the Lord was fully aware of what was happening. This is why when this very “freedom” came under threat, the Lord came Himself to save human kind (not to die for their sins, as most Christian world believes !). Freedom was one of five things the Lord had to do…to save humanity, thereby save heaven…because heaven is made of people from earth “mostly” and others from other worlds.

      • Lol sounds to me like a whole bunch of spirits need to be awakened ASAP before the second coming, or put retrospectively, the full impact of the fall of man is appreciated… I’ve been reading the science of mind, the untethered soul, the power of now and a few websites about self awakening and the like, and I can truly say I’m on the right track, though my biggest if not only trouble is in living the word. I’ve seen a glimpse of my destiny and that is to live like Jesus, not literally walk around in a white robe with a long white beard telling people to walk on water, but metaphysically being a divine being loving myself and others as one, as the whole being of God. But I feel as though I might have missed a step because my dreams and hopes and ambitions seem to be on the other side of the coin between my ultimate destiny as a spirit going through a human experience, and my human form going through a spiritual experience. I don’t know if it makes sense but I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown because I need answers. And funny enough all the material I’ve read point inward, they tell me the answers are in the questions themselves and within me, and I can only appreciate that to the extent that I actually understand it. HELP?

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